Youngblood Couture

Title: Youngblood Couture

Bravo Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg - Edible Front Range Magazine Photographed for Five Magazine. Photographed for the soon to be released documentary Saravia. Migrant Farm Worker - Edible Front Range Magazine  Karina Sanchez, homeless as a teenager, stands in front of a line of dumpsters behind West High School in Denver.  The one used for paper recycling is the one that she called home on the nights she couldn't find a place to stay.  The paper provided some insulation on nights when it was cold.  Sanchez graduated West High with a 4.3 grade point average and a full ride scholarship to Denver University, getting a degree in marketing.  Her teachers and classmates never knew she was homeless and living on the streets.  Sanchez now has her own martketing firm. Shot for EFE news agency. Artist Bob Ragland Alex Prescott and Lilly Justman, CU Boulder students, in their community garden for a story that ran in Edible Front Range on the movement among college students on campuses starting their own community gardens.  Environmentalist and Owner of Mugs Coffee Lounge